Values and Principals

Most companies find that setting the values and making sure employees are totally committed to it are being of the most perplexing issues. We at ACG do believe that values are not something can be dictated from above, but emerged from the deep inside of every person in this organization.

Over the years we created an outline for our values and made it as a basic standard we choose our team among, and this provided us with a road-map and clear guidelines for our long term trip.

That is to say that although being a corporate of profit is one of our concerns, but being a corporate of values was always our biggest concern and will remain the compass which will set up our directions now and in the future.

Moreover we are sure that listening to these values and ranking it hierarchically, allows us to view our values hierarchy objectively and to see if there might be some conflicts between what we say, what we want and what we actually pursue.


“The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.” Japanese Proverb

ACG passed through different life stages, from being a small workshop till it became a well structured huge organization. Our culture of ethics and integrity has been a constant throughout that transformation.

At ACG, we are all part of the same family, and the values that identify us among the others rest on the armature of integrity. In other words we believe that if all our values are not clothed and well suited with integrity, they would be all well-nigh useless.

Those beliefs inspired us never try to be better than our contemporaries or predecessors, but always trying to be better than ourselves.

Customer Delight

Many successful businesses measure their performance with the level of customer satisfaction, but we go beyond this and judge it only with the degree of customer delight. And the more miles we go further through this, we find less traffic jams.

We never focus about the sales we want to achieve; the only thing we care about is the service we want to render. This culture is deeply cultured inside our employees and they live it day by day, which lead them to look for every opportunity where they can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Dealing with customers as an asset inspired us that we will leave no stone unturned to help them realize maximum profits from their investment.


Cognizing that it is not fair to ask of others what we can not afford doing ourselves, we applied the rules of loyalty on ourselves before asking the customer to be loyal to our brands. As the loyalty of a group to the group itself increases, the probability of this group to achieve its goals becomes closer from being real.

Lack of loyalty is one of the primary reasons of washout in every step of life, because most of the people are missing the fact that those who do good things generally find their selves experiencing good things as a result.

We are overconfident that our commitment to loyalty will continue to lead us during our journey together. This can be re-phrased by saying that the loyalty can not be bribed or asked, it has to be earned. And it can not be earned in a day, it has to be earned day-by-day.


Empowered, responsible and reliable staff who have more authority, prudence and responsibility making the decision, can improve delivery of ACG’s aims and objectives.

Accountability in ACG is a better chance of succeeding because everyone in our company embraces a larger responsibility for the success of the entire organization. Team leaders and managers do spend time talking individually with team members about how his or her project affects the vision and mission of the company.

This makes our entire team move past their own discomfort when it comes to doing the right thing for the company, even “and especially” when no one is watching. Nurturing such culture makes people believe that they are being accountable for creating the future of our Organization.


“A dream with courage is innovation…A dream without courage is a delusion”

Never being satisfied with what already exists has always been our fuel. It makes ordinary people like us get motivated and inspired to achieve extraordinary things

Most of the companies know that Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, between those who initiate change and those who adapt themselves according to the change. That is why being always in the forefront of any change, gives us better opportunity to manage the unavoidable change.