Social Responsibility

ACG always looked to itself as an inherent part of the society, and this came from no where but from the spirit of volunteerism and social responsibility Mr. Hamdy Attia, the group founder set up its basis from more than 40 years ago.

Being a corporate citizen and always looking for what is good for society, has been always a pivotal part of our culture. In other words we can say that determining our level of social responsibility is based on evaluation of how good our presence in this society represents and how close we reached to the very best for it.

And as a responsible corporate, our commitment circle is continuously enlarged to incubate all parties we deal with. We have a social responsibility towards our community and our employees as well.

We treat our employees with respect and fairness, and we are committed to creating a non-discriminatory and healthy work environment. Also providing people in ACG with better career opportunities and raising their standard for living is considered one of our approaches to fulfill our social commitment towards our employees.

Our management style also help employees to go on with their self development plans without any Prejudice in balance between work and family commitments.

Along side our struggling toward the improvement of our society, employees are also encouraged to give back to society. We encourage our staff to take an active role in charity works and voluntary community activities as their passion and dedication to their communities demonstrate the difference our company can make.

Concisely we can say that we are dedicated to secure a work environment and policies which are consistent with human dignity. And we will ensure that all of our partners and our suppliers feel committed toward the community and act according to this point. We will also use it as a significant criterion for our overall performance assessment.