Starting from our very first beginning, we at ACG were always trying to prove that the interests of business, and the interests of environment, are not always incompatible. Cognizing our pay back responsibility towards the environment we endeavor to contribute towards an environment in which our generation and upcoming generations can live healthy and productive lives.

Based on such approach, we manage our operations and activities with widely opened eyes to their impact on the environment. Our objective is to supply and provide products and services that have no inordinate impacts on the environment and efficient in their consumption of energy.

We corroborate the environmental awareness and our role in tackling some major environmental issues like global warming, climate change, and air pollution in a meaningful and straightforward way to all stakeholders.

By using training methods and educational programs, superintended by a multi-level management team; we Nurture and inculcate the environmental responsibility perspective between our employees.

These programs are drafted into action through a list of green practices can be summarized as follows:

  • Delivering our Environmental Policy to all personnel through up down, and lateral communications.
  • Green Sourcing: we prioritize our suppliers based on the less environmental impact and less carbon footprint.
  • Electronic Signatures: used as an effective way of authorization and approval with the minimum environmental effect.
  • Printing on both sides to reduce paper usage
  • Recycling paper as much as possible
  • Adopting energy efficient Lighting
  • Smoking was completely prohibited inside the company buildings.
  • Car share: fostering employees living near each other to share one car every day to reduce air pollution resulted from cars’ exhaust.

Aiming at perfection, we ensure that we are in the middle of highly environmentally responsible supply chain network Communicates reliable environmental information. Our place in this network lies between our suppliers and our customers.

We keep Fostering and educating our customers to use our products in environmentally responsible ways.

Also we are always keen to make sure that our suppliers follow and implement green practices and methodologies, which allow them to become more material and energy efficient, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain.