IoT / Industry 4.0 ready, high-performance for Various applications


Built-in Ethernet and Web Server function for IoT Support.

VF-AS3 has two ports I/F of Ethernet as standard. Data of operating conditions and Dedicated data source can be stored to Big data and Cloud storage by Ethernet communication.

Built-in Real time clock, Calendar and Event time stamp functions help operating data collection with actual time.

Web Server function can be easily accessed and manage the operating condition remotely from your PC or Smart Phone/tablet devices.

The sensor which is equipped in the machine and equipment, can be connected with VF-AS3 and the status can be monitored by VFD network communication.

Support of Manual-free with QR Code® display.

For the advanced information and the event of drive fault, VF-AS3 displays the QR Code®s, which will provide immediate access to a dedicated web link for support and maintenance.

For the installation, setup and maintenance, the video guidance is available with web support.

Notes) “QR Code” is resistered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

Environment free and Safety designs meet IEC standard.

  • VF-AS3 can meet IEC61000-3-12 without external reactor(THD<=48%) and EMC directive of IEC61800-3 Category C2/C3 (400V Class only).
  • Environmental protection is improved for IEC70721-3-3 dust 3S3 and chemical 3C3 (Size A6 or less).
  • The safety standards with STO (Safe Torque Off) function, it will be highly reliable to cut-off in the emergency conditions. In addition, the safety functions of SS1, SOS, SS2, SBC, SLS and SDI also available as options.

Add new performances and functions for various applications.

  • Double rating for ND(Nomal Duty) and HD(Heavy Duty)
  • Four Built-in PID functions
  • Built-in Pump control (Maximum ten pumps)
  • Built-in Position control
  • PM motor drive with sensor or without sensor

Standard type

Totally enclosed box type (IP55/UL type 12)

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