IE4 (equivalent) super premium efficiency synchronous motor
TOSHIBA Parmanent Magnet Motor

Class IE4 Efficiency equivalent – surpassing class IE3 level motors.
Super Premium efficiency of Class IE4 equivalent efficiency level of the IEC Standards has been achieved through the use of a permanent magnet as a rotor in the TOSHIBA PM Motor. It enables greater energy saving with efficiency that surpasses class IE3 level motors.

Less energy loss and rises in temperature kept low.
Compare to induction motors, less energy loss and rises in temperature are kept low to achieve a longer life.

Same frame size allows easy replacement of standard induction motors.
It can be used to easily replace standard motors because it has the same frame size. The motor can also be downsized and made lighter.

Toshiba Drives for PM Motor
*PM motors must be used with Variable speed drives.

Toshiba’s sensorless PM motor drive technology has been implemented in VF-S15 and VF-AS1 variable speed drives as a standard feature. These variable speed drives can control both induction and PM motors at a wide range of slow to fast speeds, allowing them to use for the variety of