The series BM-A and BM-A/M identify OMB vibrators of the series BM and BM/M when they are supplied, on request, in execution compliant for use in Atex zone 22 (Dust) or in zone Atex 2 (Gas).

In order to meet the growing demands of our customers for vibrators of series BM-A and BM-A/M whereas up to now such execution was available only for some specific models as they were listed in the previous catalogue, now the whole range of OMB vibrators of the series BM and BM/M is available in the corresponding execution BM-A and BM-A/M, suitable for use on industrial applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The vibrators of BM-A and BM-A/M series are manufactured in accordance with Atex Directive 94/9/CE and conform to the following categories:

3G EEx nA II T3
II 3D tD A22 IP65

OMB is available to evaluate the possibility of providing, on request, also models from different series than BM and BM/M in execution conform to zone Atex II 3D (Zone 22 Dust), as well as the BM series certified for zone II 2D (Zone 21 Dust).